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Chicken Care Taker seeks to help everyday people start and grow their chicken flock in 2022 and beyond. Home chicken raising has become very popular, especially since the pandemic. Many who started it a couple of years ago liked it so much that they have continued raising chickens and encouraged their friends to try it.

Our Mission

Whether you’re a backyard gardener seeking a regular supply of eggs or looking to make a profit from raising chickens, we’re absolutely here to help!

Chicken-rearing is a hobby that offers tangible rewards within a month of setting up your coup. Aside from a regular supply of fresh eggs, owners can introduce their kids to baby chicks hatching, growing, and producing eggs of their own. Chickens aren’t cuddly, but they make beloved pets nonetheless.

On Chicken Caretaker, you’ll find many individual breed guides, answers to common questions, and ways to help your chickens thrive so they can live happier and healthier lives.

Wondering how to get started? We will increase your knowledge about what you need to raise chickens in a way that complies with local zoning laws and does not anger your neighbors.

Our Editorial Process

Our articles will answer the questions that new chicken farmers need to know. While we always recommend talking to experienced local farmers for tips, we’ll discuss the best breeds to have, how to build and maintain the coup, and how to make your chickens thrive.

Every single article on this site is written to a high standard featuring our expert writers while also being checked by our in-house editor and industry experts. We’re also constantly updating our articles to keep our content as fresh as the eggs your chickens produce.

Meet The Chicken Care Taker Team Of Experts

We’re real people from all different walks of life, but we have one thing in common: A love for chickens!

Christina Pichler

Bio Pic Christina

A longtime resident of Southern California, Christina recently moved across the globe to Austria, where she bought land specifically to build a small house with room for a backyard chicken coop. Christina spent her childhood summers on a farm, raising and caring for a flock of hens owned by her grandparents, which prompted a lifelong love of chickens, and other farm animals. Christina is passionate about writing, having written hundreds of articles for well-known websites, and uses her English degree in service of her love for animal welfare, most recently taking on a writing position at Chicken Care Taker in 2022.

Leland Orfield

Leland Chicken Care Taker

Raised in Wisconsin, Leland has spent most of his life adjacent to the rich farmlands of the Midwest. He has visited many farms while exploring his home state, which eventually led him to work directly with farmers on a variety of projects. Between building furniture with Amish-milled wood and helping a local farmer construct a greenhouse, Leland developed a deep interest in homesteading and wants to one day have farmland of his own. Leland is able to combine his love of writing and recent passion for agriculture by writing articles focused on a variety of aspects of farming and homesteading.

Alex Maina

Alex Maina Chicken Photo

Alex grew up in a rural area with chickens, cows, goats, and rabbits. He has always enjoyed waking up at 6 am to tend to his flock and vegetable garden. He bought his first cow at 25 and named her “104”. In 2021, he set up an aquarium and now spends his lazy time watching his fish. He is happiest watching small animals and plants grow big, not to mention writing to share his farm-life experiences.

Yasmin Lewis

Yasmin Lewis Chicken Care Taker

Born in Malta but raised in Kent, the garden of England, Yasmin learned that the chicken was an important species to our natural survival. She became fascinated and compassionate about all things chicken-related which led her to become Vegan for 3+ years. Today in 2022, she lives in Malta with a passion for all things that have feathers and naturally grow up on farms.

Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith Chicken Care Taker Editor Photo

Having lived in Australia his whole life, Joshua grew up with backyard chickens and remembers his childhood experiences fondly, though the 6am rooster wakeup calls were not the most favorable. He became highly interested in permaculture later in life and came to discover how beneficial chickens are beyond simply egg-laying. Today in 2022, he loves blogging having written 2,000+ articles and recently shifted towards becoming the editor for Chicken Care Taker. Now most importantly, he has come to realize that the chicken crossed the road to simply bock traffic.

Patrick Anampiu

Patrick Author Chicken Care Taker

Patrick is an avid pet lover and passionate writer who enjoys crafting stories and feels most alive when telling stories about people whose lives have been enriched by their pets. He enjoys adding more chickens to his flock and loves sharing insights on how to take better care of pets and other animals in our lives. When not writing and raising chickens, Patrick enjoys traveling and exploring nature in all its beauty.

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We Want You Chicken Care Taker

Yes, you could be here! We’re always eager to find quality writers who enjoy sharing their knowledge about chickens and farm animals in general. To find out more, please provide some brief information about your writing experience via our Contact Us page.