Top 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Swedish Flower Hen

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The Swedish Flower chicken is a dual-purpose chicken breed from Southern Sweden that is friendly and ideal for chicken as a backyard pet. They produce extra-large eggs and you can expect 150 to 200 eggs per year once they are around 5 months old. 

The Swedish Flower hen (Skånsk Blommehöna) is appropriately named because of the distinctive flower-like pattern of their feathers.

Surprisingly this amazing chicken breed was not well known outside of Sweden until after 2010 when a few of these birds were imported to the United States.

There is relatively little that is commonly known about Swedish Flower Hen because they are quite rare and for many years were region-specific, but the Swedish Flower hen deserves recognition not only for her beauty, but her health and disposition.

Let’s learn more about this stunning chicken!

1. The Swedish Flower Hen is a Landrace Chicken

What exactly is a landrace breed? Landrace birds are free-range birds that gathered together as flocks in nature, and naturally evolved without the interference of man.

With a landrace breed – only the hardiest survive. This means that landrace chickens are have amazing genetics.

Landrace birds are not often found in nature because humans typically would try to domesticate, breed, and direct the evolution of any wild chickens. The Swedish Flower hen was allowed to evolve as nature intended, and thus is one of the most genetically diverse birds in the world.

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2. The Swedish Flower Hen Nearly Was Extinct

Sadly, these stunning hens have faced extinction multiple times, with the first known time occurring in the 1980s when it was estimated only 500 still existed. Luckily, Swedish preservationists recognized the danger and took it upon themselves to try and save this stunning hen from extinction through breeding programs, and thankfully they succeeded.

The Swedish Flower hen is still considered a rare breed, though breeders in America have been working on cultivation and trying to grow the population. However, hatching rates have remained subpar, resulting in the breed still being considered in danger.

Backyard flock owners have recently taken an interest in the Swedish Flower hen, which has helped bolster numbers, but the population is not yet considered stable.

3. The Swedish Flower Hen Comes in Crested and Non-Crested Varieties

Swedish Flower hens are considered crested birds but they also come in non-crested varieties as well depending on the region the particular bird hails from. Non-crested birds come from Tofta and Esarp, with crested hens coming from Vomb.

A crest is an extravagant plumage on the head of a chicken, and you may see the beginnings of a crest in Swedish Flower hen chicks within a few weeks of hatching.

4. The Swedish Flower Hen has a Gentle Personality

Swedish Flower hens have personalities that are friendly, docile, and they love human interaction.

Swedish Flower Hen in the field
Swedish Flower Hens are fantastic to be around chicken

They make an excellent addition to backyard flocks because they are so personable and curious. Even Swedish Flower roosters aren’t aggressive and enjoy spending time with their human caretakers.

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5. Swedish Flower Hens Produce Extra Large Eggs

Swedish Flower hens are known for their egg-laying ability and anyone looking for a hen that yields large to extra large eggs should consider these hard-working girls.

Pullets will produce an egg color that is pale brown and initially, the eggs will be smaller, but over time, they will produce larger and darker brown eggs.

Swedish Flower hen eggs are not used for commercial egg production but they can certainly be great egg layers for a backyard flock. Swedish Flower hens can produce 150-200 eggs per year.

6. Swedish Flower Hens Can Go Broody

Swedish Flower hens go broody more often than other breeds – typically 1/3 of any given flock will be broody. Swedish Flower hens are also known to be good mothers.

Even though Swedish Flower hens are naturally good mothers to their Swedish Flower hen chicks, it’s always a good idea to keep a close watch on their eggs to ensure the temperature and placement of the eggs is optimal if you’re hoping to breed your chickens.

If you need to step in and tend to the eggs, an incubator can be great in assisting hatching eggs, and ensuring a flock of adorable day old chicks!

7. Swedish Flower Hens Have no Breed Standard

According to the American Poultry Association, Swedish Flower hens have no breed standard because they come in too many color varieties.

A single Swedish Flower Hen

The base color of Swedish Flower hens is one of the most diverse in the world including black, blue, yellow, and red, and according to the APA, this breed of chicken has several different feather patterns to choose from including speckles, mottled, millefleur and even snow leopard.

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8. Swedish Flower Hens have Long Lifespans

The typical Swedish Flower hen lives up to 10 years. For this reason, Swedish Flower hens make great companions in backyard flocks not only as egg layers, but as pets.

As with any breed, you may find exceptions in any particular lineage – if you want a general idea, speak to your supplier about their particular birds.

9. Swedish Flower Hens have Superior Health

As Swedish Flower hens are landrace chickens and as their ancestors have gone through natural selection, these hens have superior health. However, most breeds of chickens will have at least one, if not more, ailments that they commonly suffer from.

Swedish Flower Hen open wings
Their excellent health leads to a longer-than-average lifespan

Swedish Flower hens can still be susceptible to ectoparasites such as mites and chicken lice, so be sure to check their feathers for signs of parasites to help ensure your hens stay healthy and happy.

10. Swedish Flower Hens are Treat Driven

Swedish Flower hens absolutely love treats and can be trained to take them from your hand. These girls are food-oriented because they produce such large eggs and need the extra nutrition.

If you decide to purchase Swedish Flower hens, be sure to go the extra mile and offer treats from time to time to bond with your hen and reinforce positive human interaction.

Final Thoughts

Swedish Flower hens make fantastic companions and do extremely well as backyard chickens. If you are looking to purchase Swedish Flower hen chicks, be sure to find a reputable breeder such as Greenfire Farms, who are known for producing high-quality chicks.


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