10 Key Benefits of Owning a Buff Brahma Chicken

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Buff Brahma chicken are becoming more and more popular –and for good reason. These adorable chooks are known for their beautiful appearance and easy-going personality.  

They are also calm and docile, which makes them ideal for families with children and pets.

They are one of the largest breeds of chicken and have gorgeous feathers, which add to this unique breed’s overall appeal.

If you’re looking for a charismatic breed to add some charm and color to your flock, you won’t be disappointed with the Buff Brahma Chicken.

So why is this breed so popular as a backyard chicken? And is it the right choice for you? Read on to learn more about the benefits of owning Buff Brahma Chicken.  

But first things first:

What are Buff Brahma Chickens?

The Brahma is a massive breed of chicken that is known mainly for its size and strength. Before we discuss the benefits of owning Buff Brahma Chicken, it’s important to learn about the history of this fascinating breed.

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The Brahma is an American breed that was developed in the United States from imported Shanghai birds and was mainly used for meat until the 1930s.


A calm, docile breed, these gentle giants are an ideal choice for families with children due to their gentle nature. They lay a large number of huge brown eggs and are also good for meat. This breed also makes a great pet and can also be raised for show.


Brahmas come in many color variations, including light, dark, and Buff. These three variations are officially recognized by the American Poultry Association.

Light Brahmas have a white coloration with black plumes; roosters also have saddle feathers with back stripes.

Dark Brahmas have a black coloration with white plumes with the roosters also having saddle features.

On the other hand, Buff Brahmas are a beauty to behold. While they possess the same black pattern, they have golden bluff as the base color rather than white.

Besides these colors, the Australian Poultry Association also recognizes black, barred, partridge, create, and blue types.

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One thing is for sure–Brahmas are huge. They are primarily known for their size, vitality, and strength.

In 1901, Brahmas were documented to weigh 13 to 14 pounds for mature hens and a whopping 17 to 18 pounds for full-grown roosters.  As we’ve already mentioned, Brahmas were primarily used for meat, but they are now also raised for eggs.

The Benefits of Buff Brahma Chickens

There are many great benefits to adding Buff Brahma chickens to your flock. Here are some of the major ones:

1. They Are Great Foragers

Although Buff Brahma chickens can do well even when raised in coops, they are also excellent foragers. Foraging allows them to supplement their regular diet with insects and leafy plants because they are heavy eaters.

Buff Brahmas are curious in nature and enjoy exploring their surroundings. They love to roam around but know when to return to their coop. They enjoy digging and finding treats like insects.

When foraging, Brahma chickens also assist in insect control. It is important to provide your Buff Brahma chickens with a variety of boredom busters if you stay in a cold, snowy place to encourage constant foraging when they can’t roam around outside. Placing some logs in their coop for them to climb on is a good idea, and your Brahma chickens will thank you for it.

2. They Are Great Dual-Purpose Chickens

The Buff Brahma is a great dual chicken, meaning they are perfect for both eggs and meat. Both the chicken themselves and their eggs are reasonably large in size.

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Hens weigh 7 pounds while cocks weigh 9 pounds. With such a large amount of weight, Brahma chicks are preferred because they can provide enough meat for an entire family.

3. They Are Good For Eggs

Buff Brahmas chickens are excellent egg layers. They lay 3 to 4 medium-sized eggs every week, with their egg color predominantly being brown.  For growing families, their consistent egg production are a godsend because they will help ensure their omelet needs are met.

They lay as many big eggs as other chicken breeds. They lay eggs throughout winter when many birds of other breeds have stopped laying completely.

Generally, Buff Brahma chickens start laying eggs when they are around 5 to 6 months old.  They differ in broodiness as some are broodier during their active mating season.

4. They Make Excellent Mothers to Their Baby Chicks

Brahma chickens make wonderful brooders and moms to their chicks due to their calm and friendly nature. They are protective and devoted to hatching eggs.

Besides hatching their own eggs, Brahma chickens can also hatch standard-sized chicks. They have also been reported to hatch duck eggs.  

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Many People love Brahma hens because they make excellent moms to their chicks and can also help with increasing their flock numbers. It is amazing to witness a broody Brahma hen successfully hatch eggs and devotedly raise the baby chicks.

5. They Are Hardy Birds

Buff Brahma chickens are hardy because they have thick fluffy features that protect them in colder climates. These chickens continue laying even throughout winter, provided they have access to clean nesting boxes.  

Their deep feathering also helps keep them strong and illness-resistant.  Consequently, this reduces the risk of suffering from common diseases like cold, which can help keep your expenditures down.

Moreover, this breed can thrive in different weather conditions. This explains why Brahmas can lay eggs even during the winter season. For that reason, you can raise Buff Brahma chickens in various parts of the world without any issues.

6. They Are Calm and Docile

Buff Brahma are calm and docile and are also perfect as pets because they are one of the friendliest breeds of chicken. So not only are they good mothers to their offspring, they will be just as happy with you in the garden.

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They are also very curious and friendly around people, so it’s very easy to raise and manage them. You can add them to your existing flock quite easily because of their friendly nature.

They get along fine with other chickens as they hate drama. Even cockerels and roosters are very friendly. However, their friendly attitude could come at a cost as Buff Brahma roosters are sometimes too calm to protect their fellow Buff Brahma hens from eagles or foxes.

7. They Are Great For Kids and Exhibition

If you have kids or want a chicken breed that can serve as a pet, then look no further than the Buff Brahmas. Their calm and friendly nature makes them great for young children learning how to handle and take care of chickens.

Their easy-going personalities make them perfect chickens wanting to show off their Buff Brahma chickens. These beautiful chickens are unique in their own special way.

8. They Are Perfect For an Urban Setting

Since Brahma Chickens are calm, quiet birds and do not make much noise, they are a great choice for an urban setting. This makes them a solid choice for those who are new to raising chickens.

The only instances when they make noise are the predator alerts and regular egg songs. This means they are ideal for urban dwellers as long as they get enough space to forage and roam around.

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9. They Can Add Aesthetic Value to Your Home

Brahma chickens are ideal for decorative purposes since are quite beautiful birds. Their gorgeous colors, smooth face, large eyes, and small head add to their visual value.  

Besides, they are very tall, have a long, broad body, and a narrow V-shaped figure. Additionally, they have an eye-catching pea comb above their eye, which is why they are sometimes used in shows.

So unlike most other chickens, they might actually improve the visual worth of your property by adding them to your home garden.

10. They are Healthy Birds with a Long Life Expectancy

Last but not least, Buff Brahmas are healthy birds with a relatively long lifespan . They have a life expectancy of up to 15 years, but 7 to 8 years is more realistic.

These chickens are not susceptible to many health problems. However, you still need to be careful about the usual threat of ticks, mites, and lice. These parasites can affect chickens of all breeds.  You need to clean their coop regularly and allow for regular dust baths to protect them from these parasites.   

Since Buff Brahmas have feathered feet, you need to keep an eye on their feet and legs to prevent scaly leg mites from becoming an issue.

Another possible issue with feathered feet chickens is the buildup of ice, mud, and poop on their toes. During the winter season, such balls can cause frostbite and in serious cases, this can make your birds lose their toes.  Avoid keeping the chickens in mud and make sure to clean their pens regularly.


Buff Brahma chickens are calm, docile, and friendly, making them perfect for beginners and families with children. Despite their size, these humongous birds are gentle giants. They get along well with children and some even get attached to their human friends.

Just make sure to feed them well and you’ll end up with happy and healthy chicken. They are a great choice for anyone looking to raise meat and egg birds since they provide both in sufficient quantities.

If you raise them properly, investing in chickens can be very lucrative. In addition to providing you and your family with a steady supply of meat and eggs, they produce a lot of manure, which can help boost your garden yields. As you can see, there are many benefits to owning Buff Brahma chickens, and the list can continue. So go ahead and add a few Buff Brahma chickens to your flock. You’ll be glad you did!

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